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artcriticism's Journal

Throw Art to the Sharks
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This community is for the criticism of art. It may be your art or a piece from art's history (or the stuff that didn't make history).


Expect cruely, blood and tears! As as art student, I believe Schools of Art teach a mode of thought based too much in "the artist's original intent" and "being positive". Art suffers from a lack of formal criticism.

So if you're like me and think that your art is the work of a budding genius and the world only has to wait for your flowered arrival: Come on in, Dive into the waters!

A Note about posting the images:
* If the image is extra large, put it behind a cut. Smaller images are hard to decipher so make sure it is clear and a reasonable size.
* If the work is not your own, you must cite the Artist, Title and Date if possible. (for pieces in art history, a dead guy or contemorary art)
* For your own work, give a snippet about it (when you did it, some sort of Statement of Purpose (this can be applied to all types of work- even minute sketches), and anything relevant. The eye is quick to judge, so make it short.
* If you post a work by another artist (like a friend) please get their permission before doing so. Pieces should not be thrown into the arena unless they consent to be bloodied.

If you decide to take some of the criticism and do some reworking, please post! Give the Sharks a pat on the head!

This is no place to hide opinions or the truth!

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